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Component 5

Component 5 - Environmental Laboratory Service

Component 5 supports MONRE in monitoring environmental quality and emission standards through enhancing its capacities in obtaining reliable data, field sampling and laboratory analysis in accordance with recommended procedures stated in standard methods. The objective of this component is to establish a National Environmental Laboratory (NEL) to provide laboratory services on ambient environmental quality and emissions and discharges to the environment, mainly in the water quality sector. In the long run, the laboratory is foreseen to operate on a semi-commercial basis.

During the inception period, the approach and work plan has been reviewed and brought up to date particularly with respect to timing of laboratory construction works. This means that the laboratory building project funded by the World Bank has been delayed from the original timetable, which affects the EMSP project planning and timing. NERI as the responsible partner for both the laboratory construction project and for Component 5 in EMSP will cooperate closely with the World Bank in terms of the laboratory construction project and ensure coordination with EMSP activities.

Laboratory building project will effect on the timetable of EMSP with its finishing time. Equipment purchase, quality training and analytical actions have to be synchronized with the laboratory building project. Anyhow, activities in Component 5 can be planned and rescheduled according to the construction work for coming years and project timetable will be sharpened according to laboratory building project. Progress in building the actual premises for the laboratory with the support of WB will inevitably affect also the level of achievement in laboratory activities during the project time. Potential delays in the construction works will reduce resources available for development of quality assurance procedures and analytical development during the project span.

Due to the already known and potential future delays in the construction works, it has become necessary to modify the proposed sequence of activities as well as to prepare to cut time available for some activities (e.g. activating the production of analysis at the laboratory may be shortened notably). In order to mitigate possible problems caused by the delays a step by step approach will be used to reach the results. During the construction works focus will be on capacity building activities (e.g. training on sampling methodologies and procedures, and some specific laboratory activities in other facilities). Also activities related to the development of national water monitoring program can be started during the first year. Through these modifications the preparedness and skills of laboratory staff is ensured already before laboratory starts its operations.

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